Saltwater sanitation systems are the environmentally friendly way to sanitize your pool. Atlantic Pool & Spa Service specializes in saltwater sanitation sytems for pools and spas and we encourage our clients to consider the benefits. We can replace your current chlorine sanitizer in your pool or spa and by the afternoon, you will be enjoying your healthy soothing saltwater pool or spa.
There are several health benefits to saline pool systems. With a saltwater pool, there is no transporting or handling of large quantities of strong pool chemicals. Chlorine is present, but at a much lower concentration and without the additional chemicals needed in a traditional chlorine pool.

The free chlorine that the system produces is considered less caustic than the combinations of chemicals used in a traditional chlorine pool. Additionally, the saline system prevents the formation of chloramines and other harmful chlorine compounds (chloramines cause the "chlorine smell," dry skin and hair, skin rash, and carry a long list of sometimes serious side effects.) Guests give high compliments on saltwater pools because it is less abrasive on the skin, eyes and swimwear.

After extensive research, and taking into consideration the cost, ease of maintaining the system, user friendliness, and warranties, we recommend the following systems:
Hayward compatible 2-Year Warranty
Model CFLH is ideal for pools up to 40,000 gallons. It comes as a complete kit with everything needed but the salt. You get the power control module with mounting hardware, the titanium cell assembly, with complete and easy to understand instructions. Price includes 2 year limited warranty.

Price: $599.00

Price with installation: $750
ChlorMaker IL Spa Saltwater System
Chlorine Generator
The ChlorMaker operates on a 3 hour cycle and will automatically make chlorine for part of each 3 hour period. It will make chlorine 8 times a day and you will not need to manually add chlorine unless you are shocking the spa water after periods of heavy use. The control panel has three buttons and 4 indicator lights for adjusting the chlorine or bromine production and status of the salt level.
  • Up to 32 grams per day chlorine production
  • Press a button to activate Boost mode, increased chlorine production to compensate for spa usage.
Price: $299.00
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